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4-cprc4-CPRC is a chemical for research which has the chemical abstract service number 8272321-02-2. The IUPAC name of 4-CPRC is 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-pyrrolidin-1-yl-pentan-1one while the chemical formula is C15H20C1ND. The molecular mass of 4-CPRC weighs to be a total of 265.12 grams. This compound exists in both the forms of a crystal as well as in a powdered form.

4-CPRC has been listed as a cathinone which is quite similar to certain amphetamines like methcathinone, therefore, it is safe to assume that few of the properties between the two are related closely. Cathinones help in the release of dopamine while it discourages the reabsorption of norepinephrine, serotonin, and epinephrine in the central nervous system.

The crystals, as well as the powdered form of 4-CPRC, are only intended for the purpose of research within a controlled environment in a laboratory only for forensic study and scientific research. It is not meant for the consumption of human or animals.

4-CPRC has a number of names. It is often known as 4-Chloro-alpha-PPP or 4-CRrcC. The compound 4-CPRC is also a halogen substitute of the alpha-PPP, a drug which has been classified as a stimulant. The purity percentage of 4-CPRC exceeds 99%. Since 4-CPRC functions as a ring-substituted analog of alpha-PPP, 4-CPRC has the potential for drug abuse because it gives rise to a stimulant activity which is similar to the activity of alpha-PPP. This chemical also happens to be an analog of ecstasy. That is why it is bound to be more addictive and more potent; similar to the other analogs such as pyrovalerone and MDPV.

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I’m going to share with you two first-experiences with 4-CRPC. One of them is from a friend of mine while the other is my own. Talking about my friend, he happened to come across a few grams of 4-CPRC through a guy he knew. Now, keep in mind that he didn’t end up using this chemical for recreational use. He had heard about it stimulating the mind so he decided to give it a try in order to see if he could pull an all-nighter. He took a few milligrams of the stuff and it turns out that it actually helped him. My friend felt more alert and was able to cramp through a lot of notes for a test.

I on the other hand didn’t have any such tests in my life so I opted to take a higher dose of 4-CPRC in order to see how it was. From all of my experience with using such chemicals I would easily add 4-CRPC in my top 10 list. It really gives a good ride. The euphoria I felt lasted near to five whole hours. I also didn’t experience any irritability. It was possibly the best five hours I’ve ever had in my life. It gave rise to a feeling of warmth all over my body. You will get to experience high alertness during your use so it is best if you end up attending a rave or some other sort of party to give your brain something to do.