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4-emc4-EMC, which is also known as 4-Ethylmethcathinone, is basically a designer drug which falls into the categories of entactogen and stimulants. 4-EMC is also the structural isomer of the famous 4-MEC.

Since 4-EMC is only a research chemical, its main use up till now is in various research laboratories around the world. The formula mass of the chemical weighs 227.7 while the molecular formula is C12H17N0 HCI. Both ACD/Labs’ and ChemAxon had conducted research on the compound and have found a number of its physical as well as chemical properties.

ACD/Labs’ predicted a number of properties which showed that 4-EMC has 2 H-bond acceptors, 4 freely rotating bonds, and 1 H-bond donor. It also showed that the index of refraction of 4-EMC is 1.510 while the surface tension is 34.2±3.0 dyne/cm. the boiling point of the compound is at 305.1±35.0 °C and the flash point is at 116.2±26.1 °C.

On the other hand, the predictions made by ChemAxon had a topology analysis included which depicted that the atom count is 31, the cyclomatic number is 1, the bond count is 31, the chain atom count is 8, the asymmetric atom count is 1, the rotatable bond count is 4, and the chain bond count is 8. When under geometry, 4-EMC showed that the deriding energy is equal to a total of 34.53 kcal/mol while the volume measures to be 198.72 A3. The minimum projection area equals to 34.34 A2, while the maximum projection area equals to 67.78 A2.

The compound is responsible for causing feelings of euphoria in a person because serotonin bathes the central nervous system after the ingestion of this stimulating compound.

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Currently, 4-EMC has been classified as a compound for research which means that the compound is not suitable for consumption by animals or humans. It also means that the compound should only be used in a controlled environment and that too for only forensic investigations or scientific research.

If you can’t get your hands on some wonderful 4-MEC then I do recommend going for 4-EMC. It might not pack the same punch but it is quite similar in the effects it can give rise to. Approximately 75-100 mg was prepared for administration through an IV. The chemical’s taste is quite noticeable though it isn’t unpleasant.

The effects start with a warming sensation throughout the body followed by a steady rush. Your body will start to feel light after a few minutes. Some people have reported a slight twitching in the eyes but it is quite uncommon and I haven’t experienced it yet. You’ll also start to sweat a lot and hands might begin to encounter a tingling sensation. It’s like falling asleep but a lot more fun.

As soon as the chemical starts to wear off you’ll feel quite thirsty. It is good to have a bottle of water near you. There is also a slight feeling of nausea but it isn’t something to be worried about. A sort of mental fog may persist for a few minutes.