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4-mpd4-MPD, also known as 4-Methylpentedrone, is one of the stimulant drugs which tends to fall in the category of cathinone. 4-MPD is sold online in the form of a designer drug. 4-MPD is basically a higher homologue of the 4-MeMABP (4-Methylbuphedrone), the Mephedrone (4-Methylmethcathinone), and is also the p-Methyl analogue of the chemical Pentedrone.

The chemical formula of 4-MPD is C14H21NO while the IUPAC name is 2-(ethylamino)-1-(p-tolyl)pentan-1-one. The exact mass of 4-MPD is 219.16 while the molecular mass is 219.32 grams. Since 4-MPD is a relatively new research chemical, the ion selectivity profiles, as well as the monoamine transporter substrate of the chemical, are yet to be known.

ChemAxon and ACD/Labs’ conducted the research on this chemical. The properties as predicted by the ACD/Labs’ showed that there were 5 freely rotating bonds and 2 H-bond acceptors. Furthermore, it predicted that the flash point of the chemical is 107.223°C, while the boiling point is 289.371°C.

The properties that ChemAxon predicted also included a topology analysis which depicted that the atom count is 3. The chain atom count is 8, the cyclomatic number is 1. The bond count for this chemical is 31, the asymmetric count is 1, the chain bond count is 1, and the rotatable bond count is 5. Under this geometry, the provided information showed that the deriding energy is 32.55 kcal/mol while the volume is 198.73 Å3. Furthermore, the maximum projection area is 57.18 Å2, while the minimum projection area is 43.30 Å2.

Further physical and chemical properties of the compound include the topological polar surface area which is 29.1, heavy atom count which is 14, 3D acceptor count which is 1, 3D cation count which is 1, 3D donor count which is 1, covalently bonded unit count which is 1, effective rotor count which is 5, 3D ring count which is 1, and 3D hydrophobe count which is 1.

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It is important to note that the compound 4-MPD is only for forensic research and scientific purposes and should not be consumed by animals or humans.

4-MPD makes for a chemical that will provide you with a very strong sense of euphoria. I started using it a few months back and I have to say that I’m quite happy with the results. One of the best things about 4-MPD is that it doesn’t outstay its welcome. The effects will start to wear off in three to four hours and the side effects you’ll feel will end in about an hour.

This chemical gives rise to high alertness. If you happen to be listening to music while using this chemical the sound is going to appear much louder than it actually is. Also, keep a bottle of water or some sort of juice with you. It is always a good idea to stay hydrated if you don’t like the feeling of slight nausea once the effects begin to wear of. Just make sure that you don’t take too much especially if it is your first time testing out such a chemical product.