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4F-PHP Crystal

4-fphp4F-PHP – A new synthetic cathinone exhibits high potency and effectiveness

4F-PHP is novel and emerging designer drug from amongst the cathinone series having potential stimulant traits. It has substantial homology to pyrovalerone where 4F-PHP has acquired a lengthening of its core chain. The ability of mental and psychological stimulation by the pyrrolodonophenones is preserved until the structural locations of ketone , pyrrolidinyl and aryl groups are kept uniform whilst alterations can be brought about in the core alkyl ring including about three to as much as seven carbons. Substitution along the length of alkyl group defines the potency of the drug where isohexyl and pentyl groups incur the highest level of potency. Aromatic ring within the structure of the molecule sustains various substitutions in configuration.

Formally 4F-PHP is termed as 1-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl) hexan-1-one, as its IUPAC name. It has a molecular mass of 263.5 grams with a chemical formula of C13H22FNO. It also has been titled as 4-fluoro-pyrrolidinohexiophenone for it has its origin from alpha-pyrrolidinihexiophenone where the former incorporates a fluorination at its aromatic ring at para position.

Bioavailability of the drug is enhanced via process of getting fluorinated which also boosts the lipophilicity of the drug. Topographical charge within the compound is also altered owing to potential electronegativity of fluorine molecule. The change in charge embarks metabolic alterations, leading to a prolonged half life of the compound. Fluorination thereby lessens reactivity of the drug.

Being a substituted cathinone, 4F-PHP harbors a ketone group at beta carbon with alterations at alpha carbon adjoining amine within the core of phenethylamine. Having a butyl substitute located at alpha position imparts high lipophilicity specifically to the modified cathinones.

Cathinones and its substituent molecules are known for stimulating central and peripheral nervous system upon intake. They can result in induction of euphoria, alertness, enhanced emotional expression and often produce effects of an empathogen that mimic the effects of MDMA. All these compounds are extracted from an African native plant called as Khat.

Although Khat has been in human use for long periods owing to its psychedelic properties, the novice cathinone derivative like 4-F-PHP has recently been introduced to humans and haw a short history of consumption for which their effects are still under research. However their effects have been related to amphetamines, MDMA and cocaine, imparting them popularity.

Substituted cathinones have provided a radical alternative for the banned psychedelics like cocaine and many cathinones for their huge differences in context with psychedelic effects, potential action of drug, duration of effectiveness, associated hazards and entirely divergent toxicity profile.

Novel cathinones are being formulated at a higher pace as compared to being researched for their safety profile and effectiveness. Changes are being employed to get enough information to sidestep legislation.

An analogue of 4F-PHP has been reported for its stimulating properties that incurred a rush, euphoria and enhanced focus. Owing to high level of similarity, same effects can be attributed to 4F-PHP. There is nonexistent research on the toxicological profile and pharmacology of 4F-PHP therefore this compound is not meant for human or animal consumption.