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Ephylone-bk-ebdp Review

Ephylone is considered to be a novel stimulant. It also goes by the name bk-EBDP. It is in the form of large crystals and is categorized as a research compound. Previous research has shown the effects to Ephylone to be similar to those exhibited by ethylone.  

Ephylone or bk-EBDP is part of the chemical class called phenethylamine and is a psychoactive drug. It is used as a psychedelic, stimulant, and as an entactogen. Alexander Shulgin is considered to be the one who first synthesized it. You can also find it by its market name, Ethyl-K.


I tested ephylone recently. I got myself about 100mg of it. I have to say that I found it to be quite an experience. The effects were very similar to what you might get from methylone though I do think that ephylone packs a harder punch.

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My body was covered in an extremely euphoric tingling sensation. I have heard that higher doses amps it further but I didn’t go any higher. I’ve heard from some friends that taking too much makes it impossible to keep the body steady. Your hands will start to shake involuntarily and you might even fund it difficult to keep you jaw clenched. I’ve seen some users experience nystagmus due to higher doses. It is a condition where your eyeballs begin to wiggle rapidly and your vision becomes blurry.  

The sensation is gradual. You’ll feel it start slowly and then hit its peak with a bang. Ephylone is the best option to go for if you want to dance the night away. You’ll even feel like running. It’ll definitely give your body a boost of energy. Keep in mind that you’ll suffer from dehydration once you use it. The dehydration occurs due to an increased heart rate and the desire to engage in a lot of physical activity. So, do make sure that you have a water bottle around especially if you’re partying in a hot environment. Also, don’t over drink because that might give rise to water intoxication. A few sips of water will do the trick and keep your body from suffering from dehydration. You will also experience an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and sweat. Don’t worry about it though because everything will come back to normal as the effects start to fade away.   

You might experience a bit of difficulty when urinating. Trust me, I’ve been through it. However, it isn’t something that you should be worried about because it only lasts temporarily. I did a bit of research on the matter and found out that the condition was due to the release of ADH also known as anti-diuretic hormone because of ephylone. Give yourself a few moments to relax and your urination system will come back to normal. You can also try to warm your crotch area to promote blood flow. Take your pick.

Talking about the after affects you mind end up feeling a bit of cognitive fatigue, a slight headache isn’t uncommon. You might even start to feel anxiety and irritability. Give yourself some time to come back to your normal senses.

If it is your first time using ephylone I would suggest take around 100mg. It’ll take about half an hour for the effects to kick in and will last you at least an hour.