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Etizolam Powder

etizolamEtizolam, sometimes classed perhaps erroneously as a research chemical, is a drug that is increasing in popularity. For many, it is a viable alternative to short acting anxiety medicine Xanax (Alprazolam).

Etizolam tends to be sold online, by vendors who stock other “grey market” drugs like substituted cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids. Due to this association in the marketplace, it probably has gained reputation as a so called “research chemical”.

However, Etizolam is actually a medication that is legal to prescribe and posses in many Western countries such as Italy and Japan.

This distinguishes it from being a research chemical, in that it has a legitimate medical use, and was not created to bypass drug laws.

In the USA, Etizolam is hardly ever prescribed by mainstream doctors, and would be unlikely to be found in the inventory of even the best stocked pharmacy.

This is the reason it has largely been overlooked by drug enforcement in the States. They tend to be more concerned about the abuse of prescribed benzodiazepines such as Valium (diazepam) and Xanax (alprazolam).

The legislation until recently has reflected this, with the law not making specific mention to Etizolam, which is technically a “thienotriazolodiazepine” and not a “benzodiazepine”.

Thus Etizolam was freely available for sale to many States, through research chemical vendors.

Owing to the surge in popularity of Etizolam however, it has been made illegal in 6 States, with the list of States prohibiting its purchase likely to grow.

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Powdered Etizolam

It is also possible to purchase Etizolam in powder form from our webshop.

Safety with Etizolam Powder

The powdered form of the drug is of course not packaged in to neat and reliable doses by the manufacturer.

It would never be presented to a patient in this form in countries where it is prescribed, such as Japan.

Powdered drugs that have potencies in the mg range can be unwieldy, and difficult to use with safety.

The common dose for Etizolam is 1 -2 mg with anything up to 5 mg considered a heavy dose and only for those with serious tolerance.

Therefore in order to use Etizolam powder safely and accurately, an individual would need to purchase and use electronic scales that are accurate in the mg range. One simply cannot be sure of a dose this small using a so called “eyeball” method.