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FuranylfentanylFuranylfentanyl is a powerful opioid analgesic drug and analogue of the painkiller fentanyl. It is considered to be a designer drug. It is sold through online vendors and produces a opiate “high” similar to illegal drugs such as morphine and fentanyl. However due to a slight modification in chemical structure it may evade drug legislation in some countries and jurisdictions. This is the appeal of all so called “designer drugs”.

In terms of potency the following can be said:

  • Furanyl fentanyl is five times less potent than fentanyl
  • This still makes it 15-45 times more potent than heroin.

People should not confuse potency with euphoria. The euphoric “high” produced by furanyl fentanyl is not as strong as heroin or morphine and is probably more comparable to oxycodone. The high potency simply means that it takes a quantity 15-45 times lower to kill. This makes furanylfentanyl dangerous for both users with an opiate tolerance and especially for those with no tolerance.

A range of effects have been reported online from unverifiable user reports. These effects are fairly typical of opiate drugs in general.

Furanylfentanyl produces significant pain relief in comparison to other opiates and is considered to be a strong analgesic. It will provide relief from pain at doses that are sub – recreational.

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The physical euphoria that opiate drug users seek is present with furanylfentanyl. This is reported to be less intense than morphine or heroin. It also reportedly causes a reduction in the user’s anxiety and produces a feeling of calmness. The drug is also heavily sedating.

Side effects include constipation, which becomes chronic with continued use, pupil constriction, loss of appetite, lowered libido and inability to orgasm and itching of the skin.

The particular danger posed by furanylfentanyl and indeed all fentanyl analogues is their effectiveness at suppressing breathing. Furanylfentanyl causes respiratory depression that is much greater in magnitude relative to the euphoria experienced than other opiates such as morphine.

As furanylfentanyl is active at such tiny doses, it is incredibly easy to accidently overdose. In overdose, the breathing is heavily suppressed and one is likely to lose consciousness. Coma or death results from a lack of oxygen to the brain and other organs. Death will also result from asphyxiation as one breathes in vomit.

Tolerance to furanylfentanyl also builds rapidly. Users find that a dose that once produced physical and mental euphoria will no longer do so. This can lead to reckless increasing of the amount of furanylfentanyl and overdoses can be the outcome from this.

Unsurprisingly, furanylfentanyl is considered to be extremely addictive. It is both a psychologically and physically addictive substance. With continual daily use, individuals will quickly become dependent on the drug. Withdrawal can be an extremely challenging process that can last over a week.

The withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, headache, fever, sweating, muscle pains, cramps and an accelerated heart rate. Accompanying this is often a very anxious and distressing frame of mind.

Clearly furanylfentanyl is a very powerful drug that ought to be respected as such.