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How It Works

Here at we like to keep things simple.

Step 1 : Browse Our Product Catalogue and decide your budget + preferred chemical

Step 2 :Send me a mail inquiry with the desired weight and target price you are willing to pay – example 50 g of x chemical for 200 USD.

Step 3 : You are gonna receive my report with availability of the product, if is in stock, how soon can be shipped, how is gonna be packed, how is gonna be labeled, and the cost. I will do my best to match your price if is too low, or is to high I will tell you the best price I can give even if is lower. At this point I will provide you as well with payment options.

Step 4 : Submit Payment and once we confirm the receipt of payment, we will provide you with tracking number for your parcel. Once you receive the parcel we will be more than happy to receive your feedback as well.