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u-47700U-47700, a new synthetic opioid exhibits high potency


U-47700 dubbed as Pinky acts as a highly active agonist of the mu-opioid receptor and a novel agonist of kappa receptors. It is structurally isomeric to one of its family of opioid drugs as AH-7921 .

U-47700 has been found to be divergent opioid amongst benzamides. It is characterized by a phenyl ring bound to two chlorine atoms located at carbon R3 and R4.

The phenyl ring is found to be bonded with an amine group via a carboxyl group. The nitrogen within amide group is connected to methyl carbon with a substitution at R2 by a cyclohexane ring which is replaced further through substitution via dimethylamino group, thereby bringing forth the configuration of the U-47700.

U-47700 is specified for the mu-opioid receptor, where it is as intense in action as 7.5 times that of morphine which predisposes the user to its hazards of addiction and withdrawal effects

It has a chemical formula of C16H22C12N2O and molecular weight of 329.27 g mol-1.

U-47700 has emerged as the forefront compound bearing affinity for kappa-opioid receptors among many. Opioids are destined to boost dopamine levels in the body which ward off the unwanted effects of tissue destruction as injuries, surgeries, etc. This boost soon tapers off leaving the body in intense need of dopamine which was artificially elevated under the influence of the drug, thereby the person claims symptoms of anxiety, depression and agitation as the drug levels fall. The drug is used for pain relief in cancer patients and severely mortified. It is more renowned for its use in research.

The drug had originally been promoted by Upjohn Pharmaceutical chemists around 1970s as a research product where it gained fame as potent analgesic in oncology patients, surgery and painful strains or injures. Back then it was coveted commercially yet was unavailable but its chemical properties were kept known.

Opioids have structural homology to endogenous endorphins and act on the μ-opioid receptors. Therefore their effects are similar to endorphins with pleasurable sensations, sleepiness and pain reduction.

The effects of U-47700 mimic that of oxycodone with the physical effects as analgesia, physical euphoria with spreading warmth and intense feeling of well being and sedation. Some negative prospects of physical effects include itchiness, sedative effect, constipation, difficulty in urination, papillary constriction, and a fallen libido, cough suppression along with mild to moderate respiratory compromise.

The drug can also present with entirely unexpected side effects as bleeding per rectum and neuronal area at the site of drug injection even half a year after drug cessation. It is reported to cause amnesia and apathy towards life with prolonged use. U4 or Pinky also behaves stereotypically on cognition as well with utopia like effect on psyche referred to as cognitive euphoria, manifesting as feelings of contentment and emotional bliss.

It also shuts down anxiety and is claimed to have influence on dreams via potentiating them. Nevertheless it poses a risk of compulsion to redosing owing to its addictive properties. Various fatalities have been reported with its overuse especially in combination with fentanyl.

Then drug has high toxicity profile and is especially lethal when used in conjunction with nervous depressants like benzodiazepines and alcohol. It is peculiarly corrosive to mucous membranes therefore any unwary use through the conventional routes of administration can result in high morbidity. It is recommended to wash the sinus cavities prior to drug administration with saline. It can also be deteriorating for lungs and can scab buccal mucosa in mouth if given sublingually.